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Now an Xm model has been bought , and preparation for the Danish registration are taking a start.
It is an XM 2.1 TD Exclusive cool.gif / Automatic / with 123.000 km (77.000 miles) on the meter.

I am rather new on this forum but have studied different issues around the Xm for some time.

I do have a question concerning refilling of the automatic gearbox, when changing til ATF fluid!

= = =

The automatic gearbox is a piece of luxurious value biggrin.gif , but to keep it that way it has to be treated somewhat carefully.

The lifetime and functionality is strongly depending on the amount and quality of the red ATF oil.

The oil level has to be controlled frequently, and changes has to carried out regularly,
The engine and the gearbox has to be warm when letting out the oil / take care wear gloves.

An oil change, along with inspection and cleaning of filter, will empty an amount of 2,7 litres out of the gearbox. The gearbox and the converter has 7,8 litres in all, so the change is a partly renewal.
This is according to XM 350-00/1 / but remember to check the level / is has to be keenly between the marks on the dipstick. The marks have one level indication area for cold condition, and another one for warm condition (80 degrees). The last one is the most precise. > > To low fill up / to high empty out

= = =

The change and the frequency is described in different manuals, but there is one point where I lack an explanation:

On top of the gearbox housing there is an airscrew (ventilation) and a dipstick.
In the manuals there are guidelines to use the dipstick hole for filling?

> > >>>Why is it unwise to use the airscrew for filling?

Hope to get a skilled answer soon smile.gif .

Best regards


I unscrewed the black plug and filled mine through there with a funnel without any probs. I don't know why the manual says otherwise, it all ends up in the same sump!
I have used the black plug for years to refill the gearbox on my XM and have never had a problem. It is certainly much easier, faster and cleaner than using the dipstick hole - especially on a V6.

Please ensure you use the correct transmission fluid. It must be Dexron 2 which is also called Transmax M. Use of any other fluid will lead to harsh operation and early demise of your gearbox. DO NOT believe people when they tell you that Dex 3 is "the newer version" of Dex 2. They are two different fluids. So remember Dexron 2 Dexron 2 Dexron 2 Dexron 2 Dexron 2 Dexron 2 Dexron 2 Dexron 2 Dexron 2 Dexron 2 Dexron 2

If you also remove the filter (3 x 10mm bolts in round plate on the bottom of the box) you will remove about 4 litres of fluid. Remove the filter after you have drained via the plug, so that way you will only have about 1 litre of fluid to cope with in a rush rather than nearly 4. The cover has a large O ring which the book says you must replace. I never have and have not had problems. When you have the cover off it may be necessary to use pliers to reach inside and gently pull the filter basket out. Wash it in petrol, dry and replace.
mad marty
where can i find dexron 2
Thank you for the answers.

I was worried that a malfunction was prepared by using the airscrew, it just seems straight forward to use it.

But I still wonder unsure.gif why the dipstick is indicated for filling in the service manuals?

A lift of different ATF oil brands and specific types recommended by the gearboks manufacturer can be found at the webside : Chose R&D, Technical information (Download area), ZP list of lubricants >> TE-ML11.

For the 4HP18 automatic box there is listed two classes 11A and 11 B.
The page for 11A is listing ATF II variants / Dextron II / II D in a lot of variants.

In the local garage there will be a limited choice blink.gif – but still it has to be a recommended variant.

Up till now (as listed by UFO) the best recommendation must be Dexron 2 and Dexron 2 and Dexron 2.

Best regards

QUOTE (mad marty @ Apr 19 2007, 20:21 PM)
where can i find dexron 2

Any motor factors.

or Halfrauds if you're desperate or have too much cash in your pocket.
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