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Further to my introduction to the forum, today I visited my local Citroen to purchase a water pump gasket for my 12 valve XM td 2.1. Guess what? not available on its own, must buy it with water pump. Is this right ? as anyone else had this problem?
Regular problem with my old Renaults.

I've no idea what type of gasket is used on the XM, but if it's a paper one, then I normally just buy a sheet of gasket paper, make an imprint of the mating face on it then cut around the shape for a hand-made gasket. Use a very thin smear of sealant on both sides of the paper.

Having said that, I've no idea if modern-type motor spares places still sell gasket paper (it's been a while since I've needed any!).

Maybe if the water pump is a pain to remove and refit just to inspect, then you might want to fit a new one anyway while it's off? Better than the frustration of having the original fail in use a few days later perhaps?

I suspect this thread should get moved to one of the technical areas (despite my lo-tech response here tongue.gif )?
Thank for that, its a thick composite gasket, the point is without it, using instant gasket the water pump impellers jam in the housing.

I was happy to grind a bit off the impeller, but she who must be obayed who owns the car and is prepared to pay GSF £38 for a new pump with gasket thought otherwise. I still think that its a bit mean of Citroen not selling the gasket separately.

But I suppose they get fed up with people like us who buy all the oil and filters from GSF or euro spares and then go to their stores to buy a sump plug washer.
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