Some of the XM models which were multiplexed. I'll post more as I find them.

General: Multiplexed Citroen XM

1 – Identification of the vehicles

Models Marketed XM 2.1L Turbo D (1) XM 2.1L Turbo D (2) XM2.5L Turbo D (3)
Engine Type XUD 11 ATE/L (P8B plate) XUD 11 BTE/L (P8C plate) DK5 ATE/L3 (THY plate)
Date of Launch From 1995 Model Year From 1996 Model Year From 1997 Model Year
Reserved Chassis 00GX 5001 to 00WC 0401 to 00NZ 6001 to
Number sequence 00GX 5200 00WC 1000 00NZ 6300
Manufacturing Batch T1 Batch Batches T2 and T2b Batches T3 and T3b

(1) Mechanical Injection Pump
(2) Lucas Diesel EPIC Electronic Injection Pump
(3) Bosch MSA 11.7.6 VP36 Electronic Injection Pump

Note: EPIC Electronically Controlled Injection Control
Multiplexed vehicles marketed in 1994 Model Year (T0) batch: refer to MAN 008932

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