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Full Version Pr-net Is Gone!

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Those robbing Citroen Barstewards have blocked access & now want 963 Euros for accessing the info from PR-net ph34r.gif

I tried reregistering and the 'technical documentation' is now a subscriber-only service sad.gif


Tried the 'free' bit to do a parts enquiry and it's rubbish - I'm unable to get any useful info - anyboby have any ideas / tips

Has anyone got a part number / price for anti roll bar bushes?
I had a look on there a few weeks back and noticed it wanted all sorts of login details from me. I assumed everyone on here were already members so never bothered mellow.gif
Anti-roll bar bushes for your petrol saloon are listed as 95 638 690.
No idea of the price now that pr-net is playing silly b.....s, ....... and the delaers are all closed for the week end.
Thank you. smile.gif
Just a thought guys, could we (Club-XM) not get a membership between us?

Is that a stupid question?

B***ards! That was a very useful service, and always helped the parts-guys as they didn't have to search!!!!

You can get full access for a day / week / month, etc but all the options cost. sad.gif

PR Net was extremely useful, but not 900 euros useful IMHO.
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