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Full Version Some Photos Of My Sl 2l For Your Comments

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I'd appreciate any comments. Doesn't look good without the mirror I know, I'm working on that now.

Especially interested in opinions about the "White Stuff".

Let me know if more detailed pics would help.


Sorry DrTim, doesn't seem to work - any pictures would be nice!

Its a 700kbyte ZIP with several JPGs inside.

I see now that what I did is not sufficient to attach the file to the post, but can't work out how to do it right yet :-(.
I am amazed by the pic 'pipes1'. all i can see is vast amounts of cavernous open space. even a spanner would fall through that.. nuts and bolts easily.

i own a 2.5td so this pic is real treat for me - to know that some xm's do actually have under bonnet space.

your car looks good. the white stuff doesnt look anything unusal. just a bit of coolant leak over a long term.
Now I'm having trouble with pictures, it wont open for me!

You are trying to unzip the file with a zip utility aren't you Peter?

You know, Winzip, Winrar etc.

Look on for a free one. I use the new version of PKUnzip (free).
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