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I have 199 7 xm 2.5 exclusive Inlast 2 weeks of cold weather the climate control stopped working intermittantly, sometimes stopping if any of control buttons were pressed.It now does not work at all seems to be power supply fault as nothing on control panel either manual or auto lights up or works, also no heater fan operation.After checkingwiring connections. fuses etc system worked for 2 or 3 minutes but as not worked since s/h control panel tried but no different, has anybody any ideas or better still a wiring diagram . Also should this model have A/Con fuse F2 fitted, in 12months i have owned car fuse as never been fitted but a/con worked o/k, and whilst trying to trace fault ABS warning light as come on but fuse o/k
The ID No is VF7Y4NZ0001NZ2366 and No on A post is CJ 7662
Regards Keith

I had a similar problem; panel lights for climat control not lighting up and fan not working. Turned out to be a fuse. As well as the usual suspects behind the panel on the front passenger side, don't forget to check under the bonnet for the small inline fuse on one of the wires going to the + battery terminal. This looked ok on mine, but fell apart when I tried to remove it. Good Luck,

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