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I've noticed that everyone quotes an RP number when identifying their cars.

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is it, and where do I find mine??

With the head gasket problems I'm having, I feel this might just be essential knowledge in the next few days!!!!!
Hi Dave.

Favourite is passenger side front doorpost, 4 digit number which indicates build date.

Painted in bright yellow, so as it can't be missed!!! biggrin.gif

Thanks Mike!
Two letters before the numbers denote place of assembly I think.

The ORGA or RP code is found on the left-hand door post. It is a four digit code, on late models on a sticker, followed by two letters, being the factory code.
This site has an ORGA calculator and also gives the factory codes:

Here they mention white paint and driver's side. It could be yellow paint, actually, and it deals with left-hand drive vehicles.

Hi All

Paint colour of the ORG/RPN No. varies with the paint colour of the body to make it contrast. For example the number is usually in black when painted on white or silver body colours. Similar marking for paint colour code is put on the chassis in the engine bay, just behind the headlamps on XM's up to 1996 and in front of the strut head on later ones. These marks are all painted on the left hand side of the chassis. The chassis is actually common to both left and right hand drive cars but can vary in the engine bay for engine type.


Thanks Jan, that's useful. According to that, mine was made nearly a year before it was sold!

Thats not bad Peter mine was nearly 18 months in the showroom.
regards Tony
The first registration of my present XM was also a little over a year after the date of production.
There was a funny thing with my previous XM, a 1995 V6 12v Exclusive. The ORGA number indicated it was built in March 1995, but under the bonnet the aircon hoses were marked August '95. Probably indicating the car had sat at the manufacturer's lot until the aircon fitting was done. I bought the car in November '95, so that was quick shipping to the importer in Japan and a speedy sale smile.gif
On the very last cars (2000 according to Citroen Manual) the RP number along with the paint code and a few other things are actually on a lable on the right side A post and not painted on the left side A post. Mines an October 1999 car and has this label.
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