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I have aSerious water leak in my xm The garage replaced the boot seal and seal around the
left rear lamp but it still leaks can anyone help?? Shaun
Shaun, it might be worth changing your username (unless you like Spam, of course).

Not had water leaks in the rear so can't help on this one. Have you done the 'sit in the boot and wife / girlfriend sprays car with garden hose trick'??
Hi Shaun,

I was going to say check the boot seal, but obviously you've already done this.

Could be the sunroof drain pipes. As Wirdy has suggested, might be an idea to dry out the car, remove the boot carpet, and sit inside while someone bombards the outside with a hose.
Boring and frustrating, but it should help you narrow down the cause.

I believe there have been cases of them leaking through the boot lock itself, not 100% sure though.
While we'reon the subjects of XM saloon rear ends and it just me who gets a stream of water right down my bleedin' neck after opening the tailgate following rain.

It's become quite a game to avoid it tongue.gif

Seems like the water pools along the bottom edges of my hatch light units?

Surely that's one of the perverse joys of owning an XM tongue.gif

Happens to me as well and probably every one else on here. laugh.gif
appens to me but I cant find out why it only drains when lifted!
Hi Shaun

Had the boot water leak problem on one of the early XM's I had. Went through a similar process as you suspecting ingress from the rear without solving. The foam under the plastic top of the boot mat never dried out in the car even after finding and repairing a split sun roof drain tube behind the side trim. Had to take the rear boot mat out and leave the to dry right out.


I had a leak in the boot of my SEI, for which I eventually diagnosed the cause as being rainwater running down the side gutter and in through behind one of the rear light clusters. The light can be removed after undoing two 10mm nuts and I suggest reasembly with some clear mastic under the gasket. Regards, Matthew T.
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