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Hi all Petrol drivers.

I need to do an oil change on my V6 24v S1..

I'm so usedto dooing DERV changes and so I do not know which oil I should use in this Power plant..

Does it need a thin oil or a thick type.?? . mellow.gif Unit is on 110k rolleyes.gif

I've been advised 10w 30 or something like that..and I certainly DO NOT want to put cheap re cycled oil in.. ohmy.gif

Many thanks
Hi citroenxm,

I just had a look at the car's manual and it writes 10w40 Total Quartz. Or 15w40. That goes for all petrol engines, no distinction made. I personally have put 0w50 fully synthetic in my 12v for the last 18k (2 oil changes).

BTW have u sorted your gearbox? I was just having a look itno the parts catalogue and see that also the 2.0 ct uses the MT5E -or how it's called-.

Hi George,

No gearbox getting worse... I've decided on a DERV box as the ratios are more suited to the V6, lower reving etc..

I think the Petrol box has a higer rev band.. IE: 80 at 3,500rpm were as the V6 is, at least on my 24v 80mph at 3000rpm, ah la DERV box..

I am still resiting breaking the DERV I have in my signiture, as its too good!

Thanks for oil advice.

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