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Full Version How Many Injectors In V6 12v?

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Does anyone know how many fuel injectors there are in a 12 valve V6? Sounds like a daft query, but some petrol fuel injected cars used a single `injector' (Bosch Jtronic?) in the inlet manifold. Does the V6 have one per cylinder (6), one per manifold (2) or one downwind of the butterfly?..................Jim. dry.gif dry.gif dry.gif
It s a multiple injection, i.e. 6 in total.
QUOTE (jorgy9 @ Mar 10 2007, 21:08 PM)
It s a multiple injection, i.e. 6 in total.

Thanks George,

Next maybe not so daft question(s). Do you happen to know what fuel pressure these run at? Finally, do you have a spare?? rolleyes.gif ............. Jim.
No and no...sorry! Will ask a friend though. I'll let u know.

David Hallworth
i have 3 spare V6 12v Injectors if you are interested.

Drop me an email:


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