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Full Version Exhaust Mainfold Area Leak

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I ahve had an exhuast blow for some time, but it appaerd to be form two places, one is the intermediate box (the sideways one) this has now been repaired, but it would seem I have a second leak from somewhere round the manifold to down pipe, or the manifold itself, this gets less when the car has warmed up fully. There is no rust or corrosion evident round here, could this just be the springs?
I have a simular blowthat come from arround this area, the local garage said it was a 'dealer only repair' and would not elaberate.

I'm concerned that it is something to do with the turbo, and I will need to replace it. With this in mind is it possible to fit any turbo onto the 2.0l petrol engine? i.e. one from a 2.1TD or the 2.5TD?? anyone ever done this?? or tried and failed??

All help appreciated.

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