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Full Version Meaasge: Brake Light Bulb Failure

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Just bought a 1990 2.1TD.

I sometimes get the message 'Brake light bulb failure' when I know that all the lights are working. Can anyone guide me to the possible cause?

When I start from warm I often get the ABS inoperative message which will stay on for the duration of the journey, it does not always happen and not normally when cold. Answers anybody?

Is it possible to get a drivers handbook in English? As I only moved to France a month ago, I don't understand French yet.

Madman (in the Dordogne)
Well done on getting an XM

Brake failure

Remove the light clusters so that you can get to the circuit board. Check first that all the tracks are complete, then clean every single contact where metal joins metal. The main ones to look at are the bulb holder contacts, worth bending the pins a bit to get a better contact with the bulb.
Some people swear by adding an extra earth wire from the cluster to to the main car body. Should stop the daft message.

Remove front wheel arch liners, trace the wires from the wheel sensors (by the CV boots) heading up towards the front you will find a wire connector, un plug, clean, dry and put back together. Whilst you are at it, check that there is a gap between the sensor and the toothed drive shaft (see haynes)
New sensors are about £70 from GSF if the above does not solve the problem.
Ill put my money on the dodgy connection.

Try Cit main dealer?


Thanks for the info. i will check it out this week. The French main dealers do not have any handbooks in English, I have tried that one! Thanks anyway.
Bob T

Would a manual like this be of any interest?


Norrie cool.gif
Thanks but its the drivers operating handbook that I'm after.
Bob T

What you need is someone with a copy of the book who's prepared to scan it. Any takers?

I'd happily scan my owners handbook but it's for a series 2 2.5TD so probably not much use to you.

I have heard some members say that if Citroen have them in, they usually send them out no problem.


Norrie cool.gif
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