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Big-Green Balls xm
HI Guy & Girl

Just thought I would give some info for those with the same sort of problem !!

Bought the XM a few weeks ago the auto setting on the heater was not working

I just got round to fixing it very easy repair

In the roof light is a sensor that tell the temp to computer this gets blocked with dust Etc stops the fan inside the sensor from working

If you remove the light 4 screws under plastic cover the sensor is the black thing near the back of the light remove un clip the wires and remove sensor

Clean with a paint brush and spray with switch cleaner

Plug back in to make sure it is working fan should spin if not replace with new one
then replace

The biggest give away when it needs doing is a wearing noise coming from the light area when you first turn the ignition on sounds like it is running on steam
Take it out and clean it

Well I hope this will come in use for someone
Thanks for that, I have only had the XM a week and wondered what the noise was.

Thanks for the info, mine sounds like a bee in the roof! will try your fix.
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