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HI Guy`s

I know I should know but just want to get it right
Auto gear box oil on XM

How much is used ?? rolleyes.gif
What oil is it is it ATF or TQF etc ?? rolleyes.gif

I feel so daft asking but dont want to put the wrong one in as my last auto used semi synthetic oil in box

Waiting for manual to come as had to order it at car shop

Can't answer your question tonight because I'm away from home and that's where my manual is. If you can wait until Thursday, I'll tell you definitively.

When you say you're waiting for a manual, what do you mean? Haynes? Russek?

You may want to read this if you're after a real manual:


noz cool.gif
Hello Noz

sorry just paid for manual at shop !

Sounds good to me sad.gif

I know it is a good thing to have but I know normal manual will do for me and 30 quid is alot for something I would not use to often

So thanks for the offer but I will stick the the one I have on its way rolleyes.gif

Yes thursday would be great not doing it till week end but manual only comes next week wub.gif
Mr. QB

I will tell you what the manual says:
Total Fuide ATX. Probably you won't really find the same sort. Use a brand at least Dexron II ATF, it will do the job. And don't forget to change it regularly, because the ZF 4HP18 is dying fast if you don't. Change ATF by every motor oil change or every second one. I'm using a cheap (but said to be good quality) german oil and it is working fine (ROWE).

The quantity in the automatic gearbox is about 7 litres but you can only change about 3 or 3 and a half if you take the filter also out. It is worth taking it out and cleaning - it's a plastic staff, you don't need to change it. Without removing the filter you can get out even less oil.

Mr. QB
Xm 2.1 TD VSX Aut
Just forgot to mention:
I do recommend you to buy Norries CD with the Factory Manual. I got it and it is great stuff!
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