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Full Version Sudden Drop Of Rear Suspension

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First of all, greetings from a new member. This is my second XM now and I got a few problems from the get-go. One is the rear dropping which is why I replied to this particular thread. Has Assich or anyone else come to a final conclusion of what's causing the problem here? I have the same symptons, the rear drops suddenly then rises again soon. Indeed this often happens when braking because of traffic lights, in fact it might be that this always happens when using the brakes (not sure though). Don't think it's normal behavior though because my first XM didn't have this problem, and this happens when braking very lightly and during the braking, so It's not just a "rear getting stuck high when braking hard, then dropping when releasing the brake" -thing.

Will find out shortly as I have the car going in for a diagnostics reading on Monday partly for the ABS and partly in the hope that there is a software update available for the Autobox.
Hi Gelupa

if it only happens after breaking it is typically air in your rear brake systems, you need to bleed the rear brakes and then all this up/down of the rear will stop.

What happens is what Noz describes at the beginning, with the added detail that this is not a normal trait of an XM, but in this case the rear has the opportunity to lift too much because actually the rear brakes enter in delay in comparison to the fronts so for a second you have only the front braking the car. The Cit brake valve has a designed delay of response for hte rear brakes but this is a diffreent story and it is not felt while driving.

If air is the problem, you will immediately notice afterwards that the XM brakes suprisingly "flat".

Ok, thanks.

I'll put the cleaner fluids in soon and I'll bleed the brakes then cool.gif

Hope it helps, I'll let you know when I get it done..
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