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Bloody Hell Andrew, where do you live? Buckingham Palace?!! ohmy.gif

How have you managed to amass that lot?

Here's us talking about how rare Xm's are getting. Now we know why, you've got them all tongue.gif

Once mine is on the drive I've got no room to work on it wacko.gif

How about some piccies? Get us all slobbering tongue.gif
QUOTE (deian @ Jan 13 2007, 16:39 PM)
where are the lambda sensors, between the first bank's manifold and first cat, and one after it before the second cat?

Hi Deian,
one of the links I've just seen browsing through in other 24v posts here shows the
location of the sensors better than a description or illustration:

user posted image

Lambda sensors arrowed!!

The front flexi/cat combo is clearly shown here too. The one on my 24v was so shot
to hell I welded in a metal braided flexible section intended for a CX 2.5 GTi; necessity
being the mother of invention and all that... (more like desperation!!)


Interesting site that - thanks for the link Craig K!!

Someday I'll be removing my engine I guess, though not just for a rear manifold swap
- it's on 180k miles so may be due a second clutch swap soon. Either that of the first clutch
has lasted very well!! The car is a one owner dealer maintined one that was part exed for a
new C5. The Dealer punted it out to auction and it was passed to a Vauxhall Nova driver who
worked at the Auctioneers as NOBODY wanted it.

He got it for nothing to use it's electric leather seats in his Nova and offered in the Freeads as
scrap and the FULL Cit dealer SH got thrown away... blink.gif

QUOTE (demag @ Jan 15 2007, 23:43 PM)
Bloody Hell Andrew, where do you live? Buckingham Palace?!!  ohmy.gif

How have you managed to amass that lot?

Here's us talking about how rare Xm's are getting. Now we know why, you've got them all tongue.gif

How about some piccies? Get us all slobbering  tongue.gif

Peter N did say he didn't see any Xm's in South Wales!!

As I've said already, I probably have got a mental illness/compulsive collecting
disorder or something - isn't it called Citroenitis?

I could have been a boring git and got myself a new Ford Fester but decided to
be a little unorthodox instead.

I guess it all goes back to when my gran always showered me with loads and
loads of Dinky & Corgi models - seems only natural to keep going with the big'uns!! wink.gif

First car was a 1222 GS that was totally fabulous - got me hooked...

My pals drove rusted out hideous Crapi's and I already had the Gs and a LHD CX 2.4 GTi
that looked like they came from another planet. I haven't stopped to ponder my actions
since. Problem is I have (well actually HAD more accurately) space which somehow filled
itself... huh.gif

Guess I could take a few piccies sometime when the weather brightens. What I've
found is that you REALLY can't see the wood for the trees as space is a bit busy!!

Mind, does anyone fancy a few Xantiae? I really must rationalise...


you have been very helpful on this topic for me, my thanks goes out to you, the last few posts were great, the picture speaks a thousand words (as they say, and it does), and the link to the pics is one i came across before, just never found it again, where are you again?
QUOTE (Andmcit @ Jan 16 2007, 01:07 AM)

Mind, does anyone fancy a few Xantiae? I really must rationalise...



Is that for Free!!??? As you sugested the way you accuired some XM's in the same way? biggrin.gif

QUOTE (citroenxm @ Jan 16 2007, 18:57 PM)
[QUOTE=Andmcit,Jan 16 2007, 01:07 AM] [/QUOTE]

Mind, does anyone fancy a few Xantiae? I really must rationalise...

Andrew [/QUOTE]

Is that for Free!!??? As you sugested the way you accuired some XM's in the same way? biggrin.gif


Wow, you've got a sharp eye for a bargain there!!

The Xantiae have cost me money (which seemed a good idea at the time) - I had plans for them which family/social circumstances has managed to turn on their head!!

Just to further flesh out this story, the pal who had these cars is almost as bad as me when it comes to collecting 'interesting' cars and had passed toleration saturation point of his missus who threatened having everything she doesn't drive sold/given away anyhow! As I'm always sorting things out on his Citroens he 'paid' me back offering the cars as I had space and it was seen as a favour returned for my time as/when/if I sold them on. Guess I've been distracted with other things since...

Thing is, he now finds himself in a similar situation as his car count has slowly crept back up in his courtyard/private driveway!! You know where this is going...

Well, as I said, I'm a sucker for a 'lost cause', or a Citroën in 'distress' so a bit of juggling at my place may be the order of the day. As Xm's don't sell and Xantiae appeal to every man and his dog, I'll thin down my 16v 1.8 saloons by selling a couple at least in preference to a Cx or a facelift HDi Xantia...

XM v6 sadist
Hi Andrew

My wife (official owner of our one XM) was really amazed by your car collection. I keep on saying to her that maybe we should have another "spare" citroen, just in case something happens to the XM. Maybe another XM. I've always fancied a 2.0 Turbo manual. I've never had a manual XM. I'm also keeping an eye on C6 prices to see how quickly they are dropping - and the answer is they aren't. £27K for a '56 2.2 twin turbo diesel or if you are crazy there is a 80K miles '05 2.7TD V6 for £29! Yes 80K miles.

My only question is insurance. How many of yours are you insured to drive.


fleet insurance
If only!!

6 cars taxed/mot'd and insured before I even contemplate using petrol.
NO, I don't smoke or drink - this Citroën caper is my addiction...

2x Xantia TD estates, 2x 2.0i Xm saloons (one a CT Turbo), Xm V6 24V
and a CX GTi Turbo2.

God I LOVE the Cx - Until Xmas I hadn't used one for months but I can't
stop using it now - smoothest ride of the lot.. huh.gif blink.gif

Next to get up and running again, I've got my black Cx petrol estate
that will run again when I feel the inclination to do some spannering!!
Only picture I've got handy on this computer is this...

user posted image

If you've seen this apparition before, eye, 'tis me with the big car
transporter! Now that's the best purchase I've made in a long while!!

BTW, yes, that is a S1 Prestige...

Yes, I'm in Swansea. What do I do for my day job? I'm a Graphic Designer/
Illustrator ...anyone want an exhibition, brochure, web site, press ad?
Help fund a home for 'fallen' Citroens...

i used to be a web designer years ago, very competitive career, now i do pvc extrusion, and i live totally the opposite side of wales to you, as far up as you can get before the isle of man,
removing cats just allows the gasses to leave the engine faster, giving normaly 8-12bhp on a normaly assperated car with one cat. On a turbo its a better bhp move up my mr2 turbo cat off 20bhp extra this is because gasses flow better and the turbo spins up faster done to my saxo vtr too 10bhp with few other mods its slightly more powerful than a vts 124bhp.

just put any sensors that came out back in the cars ECU will work the rest out oh and if you really want to go more power get the car chiped
but would an 89/90 V6 pass the MOT without the cat installed, but the lambda in the pipe instead? The mixture should be managed ok as the sensor is still in the loop, but will the lack of cat still get past the emissions test? Or is it going to be a PITA re-fit for the test each year?

Hi aengus-xmv6

Why shouldn't it?? Its not compulsary to have a CAT for emmisions untill about 1993 I Think so it shouldn't be a problem

I am very well considering when replacement exhaust are needed on my V6 24v S1 in getting straight throughs!! and removing all three cats!!

Thats should be FUN, and its a 1990 H reg!

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