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I've a V6 XM Estate that has what looks like it's original radio fitted. Manual says that it will run an optional 6 disc CD changer unit (apparently the wiring and mounting position for this is under the front seat). Question is, can it run a modern unit off the shelf at Halfords, or do I need the specific 10 year old unit?
Also, at best I've had a lukewarm stream of air from the heater, no matter what setting the `climate control' is at. There's an intermittant buzzing from a box on the roof inside the car. Maybe this is where the temperature sensor lurks???? If this is malfunctioning, could it be that the reason the car won't warm up is `cos the sensor is telling the heater control that it's already warm???

Any ideas folks? It's galling to see the engine temperature guage sitting nicely in the middle while the windows ice up from the inside..............

Jim. aka `combwork'.

Morning Jim

Not sure if you are S1 or S2

Square angular looking radio, Big square buttons with braile type bumps on them. Also the word Diversity written on it near the LCD display.
This is a clarion unit and you need a clarion CDC 634 or 635 (both will work) Ebay is your best bet, may be listed under Pug etc.
Make sure you get the lead - can be bought from auto shops but be prepared for some hunting time and up to £50 for a new lead. Search "CD Changer" you are looking for small silver units with round din leads.

Black rounded corner radio with silly trim surround that you need to pull off.
Made by Philips. You need a Philips RC 026 - These are rocking horse poo poo.
Philips rebranded as VDO around 2000 but as so many cars use these units they are sought after.
Again ebay or website "addacdchanger"
You need either
RC026 or ARC 026
It must have the rectangle plug for the back of your radio (this will be black or red)
If it only has the small square blue plug you need the 6" long adapter cable (red both ends).
Im playing with a new VDO unit and will see if these also fit

Installation is very easy, plug in the back of your radio and thats it. All your steering wheel controls will operate the changer and even the S2 matrix will show CD track info etc

Remove the passenger side centre consol side trim and run the cable along and out under the Pass seat (you may need to notch about 3mm of the trim) leave the changer loose under the seat or secure with velcro. It will be fine and happy without brackets.

Ive been selling cd changers on ebay for about 3 years, always the above two models!.
I have a ARC 026 at the mo in very very good nick, would normally sell at about 140 plus PP but as its on this list £100 plus PP. I will fully test before dispatch.

Rambling again

Heater- yes there is a daft sensor thging in the roof, drop the clear plastic, undo four screws, drop down the units and spay the fan with light oil.



Hi Jim

You can get a Kenwood CD/Radio which will take an adaptor to operate from the XM steering wheel controls for about £70:00 on the net, the adapter/leads are about £30:00 also from the net. It looks a bit cheap, nasty and modern compared with the nice solid original but works well.

Thanks Peter, Thanks Mark,

The unit you describe Peter sounds like a head unit; is this the case? If so, I'd still presumably need the seperate 6 disc cd stacker unless it comes with it. What you've got Mark sounds like an add on cd stacker unit to connect to the existing radio/cassette player. If I read you both right, the thing that Mark's got is probably pretty much what I'm looking for. I've got to overhaul the cassette unit anyway; tape tension is much too high and it sounds as if the azimuth setting needs adjusting~~~~~~ This electro mechanical stuff I can deal with; it's pure electronics that leave me beat.

Thank you both again for your reply's,

Hi Jim

Yep you got it right, seperate 6 stack system

Take my hat off to you, messing around with tape speeds etc. Soldering new bulbs is my limit.

Mail me off list with your email address as for some reason if I send you a private message via the board it all goes horribly wrong.


Hi Jim

Yes the Kenwood is a direct replacement for the existing radio but only a single CD player

Thanks guys

I had exactly the same question and Mark, you have confirmed what I suspected. I'm hunting all the units on ebay...ph34r.gif

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