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i have recent news of an XM with a 24v V6 engine (90deg one). I have seen how cramped the engine bay is on these cars, so my question is about the reliability of the engine and how easy (or should i say hard) it is to work on it to do basic jobs... i.e change spark plugs, oil filter etc etc? What is the situation when it comes to clutch or exhaust manifold changes? Is it engine out jobs?

And lastly I know you will say the newer V6 is better, but how good (or bad) is the 90deg engine?

Thanks so much
Hi deian

All the Citroen XM V6's in common with the 2.5TD have an extra advantage over all other XM's in that if you open the bonnet it is immediately obvious that there is no space to get a hand in to check anything let alone repair it. This makes them more reliable in my experience because it restricts my fiddling and adjusting with things I do not really understand.

Now you have driven a V6-24v (something I have not yet managed) just accept the fact that you are hooked on not just any old XM but a V6-24v. Just remember that there is an even chance that any working V6-24v that you buy with stay working for longer than you will retain your driving licence if you drive the 24v anywhere near its capabilities.


David Hallworth
Here is a picture of the engine bay on my dads old V6 24v.

user posted image

The plugs are very easily located on the top of the engine.

the oil filter is easily located from underneath the car. Servicing took me around about 30 mins to do an oil change with filters, air filter and plugs.



whats that big pump at the left rear end of the engine? air con i'm guessing?
wow look how small the spheres look in that engine bay!!!

thanks david

I cannot believe how much rust you guys get in your cars - even the engine bay. That salt/grit on the road must be a right mongrel.

Here's my 12v engine bay nearing the end of its rebuild.

General servicing on a V6 is not that difficult.

user posted image

Can't see the image UFO?

They get loads more salt on the roads in scotland, than in england and wales, i was truly shocked when i went up there for new year, the roads are pink and brown, the rain doesn't help either. Also car that come from coastal areas may suffer a tiny bit more than ones located inland, especially if there is a lot of rain and wind, again scotland comes to mind!


Theres no cam belts to change, oil service needs to be every 6k to maintain a spanking engine due to its high revving capabilities..

Exhaust manifolds, front is removable in situ but rear IS engine out job no doubt about it!

No need to remove any inlet manifolds to get at plugs unlike the LATER 24v engine, and its a distributer ignition, with a single coil and spark amplifier...

Oil filter access able from underneath, so simply drive onto some ramps for oil and filter change.. Gearbox can be removed with engine in situ (Thank god), so clutch change can be done without removing engine from car..

The 90 deg, makes a MUCH better noise then the 60deg, and I've heard of awkward bolts to remove inlet manifolds for plug changes.. (On Xantias). V6's dont seem to eat radiators either unlike TD's..

One other small problem, starters can give trouble, but being manual its not really a problem if your good at bump starting.. The trouble caused I think simply be the front bank exhaust manifold passing around the starter and their being too much heat in the area..

These are my experiances and I have now had 3 V6 90deg units now and can forgive its faults for its pleasure!

Mind, when you bump start a 24v V6 you'll do a real asssination job on the THREE cats with the unused neat petrol pumping through them...

The heat off the front manifold is an issue - I've had no end of trouble with the V6's I've got - the mangetic field around the motor winding unsticks and get mangled on the moving windings jamming it all up and smashing it all to bits. I've found actually removing the accumulator sphere allows easier access to the allan key bolt heads - got starter removal to a fine art now after endless issues with a poorly refurbed starter - now under 30mins!!

I've got a blow on the rear 24v manifold downpipe that's hidden under some outer tinware. I can hear but not feel anything, and whilst I've got a spare manifold it's a job I don't fancy. The studs on the head don't instill me with any confidence when it comes to their removal.

Actually wondering how to sort it...


24v units are an ENGINE OUT job, and thats from the previous owner. the car failed an MOT due to a blowing manifold.. He pleaded with the MOT tester.. Please fail anything but not the blowing.. anything but that, as its an engine out job, but MOT man had to fail it, i have the fail sheet it was passed on to me..

I've never had a starter explode what so ever in all my 4 V6's I've had..

They have only ever got lazy, or NO POWER to the solinoid, in which case is an easy fix, Put a new wire in from solinoid to a push button on dash..

i agree with the heat though, it is a problem, even with the proper heat shield in.

REMEMBER: This PRV 90 deg was NEVER designed to be in TRANSVERSE installation

REN 25 - Inline
Pug 505 - Inline
Volvo 262 - Inline
Pug 604 - Inline
Ren 30 - Inline
Delorean - Inline albeit at the rear of the car

I guess the exhaust manifolds are a different config in these cars, I dont know, I've never seen in one.

Up until last year I had a Peugeot 605 SVE-24 manual (see, I like other French cars too!) with the same lovely engine. For a 2 tonne car it went like the clappers!

So there is / was another fitment of this engine in a transverse config. Like David, I could do an oil change, filter & plugs in half an hour.

The sound the engine made when the inlet tract valves changed over at about 4000rpm was awesome!

I had a lazy starter motor too - heat induced no doubt.

Deian - yes, that is the aircon pump.

P.S - does the XM V6-24 have 3 cat convertors, stainless steel exhaust manifolds and a full stainless exhaust system as factory standard like my 605 did?

Does the aircon run on R12 gas? - I bought all the stuff to convert it to R134a but sold the car to a very eager 'e-bayer' before I had chance to convert it. Cost me about £50 - I'm open to offers.
In my expereience, ALL the V6's have lazy starter motors. The engine's sound is
one of the more addictive aspects of these, just not the fuel economy!! biggrin.gif

The car moves very briskly for such a heavy lump of metal, certainly very
Driver's Licence endangering!!

Sad to think these cars are being bought up by folk converting Renaults and
making their own kit cars. Reliably informed one was scrapped only a few months
back after the immobiliser packed in. Guy had it Hi-abbed from outside his house
with MOT & TAX still on it - just got pissed with the sight of it... blink.gif

whats a lazy starter motor? is it one that needs a lot of turns before it starts up, or one that turns slow as if the battery will die? andrew, with a gas kit i am informed you can take off the catalytic converter(s), cool huh!
You can with a pre '93 car anyway!! It really does make a noticeable improvement in the
engine's running and the upwind lambda sensor just adjusts the lot accordingly. Imagine
trying to breathe through a straw whilst being under water, then try it with the straw
filled with cotton wool...

Had an Xm V6 with a hollowed out cat that ran faster than an identical car, albeit slightly louder!!

The starters always sound like they're not really trying hard enough and churn over slowly;
the car fires easily enough on the starter - it just sounds laid back!! biggrin.gif Hardly high compression
on the engine like a diesel engine!!


i think it's a characteristic of a 6 cyl engine, 'cos of the extra two cylinders, but you'd expect the starter motor to cope accordingly, saying that my old bmw used to 'turn over' a lot before starting, some said it was designed like that purposefully to get oil pressure up before firing.

My xantia starts on less than a turn of the starter, even when cold, must be sign of good compression and healthy battery.
QUOTE (deian @ Jan 9 2007, 23:55 PM)
whats a lazy starter motor? is it one that needs a lot of turns before it starts up, or one that turns slow as if the battery will die? andrew, with a gas kit i am informed you can take off the catalytic converter(s), cool huh!


Yes it is just that, turns VERY slowly!!

Very annoying when the car is auto only!!

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