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My 24v V6, having decidede to keep it, come ... or high water, after the total lack of interest in buying it here, now occasionally will not start. Normally, it starts immediately, but sometimes it will not fire. If you keep churning away for 10-15 seconds, then give it a rest & try again, it will eventually start, then runs beautifully all the way home. It might be a red herring, but it usually seems better if I park it with nose slightly downhill. If it happens again, I will check the fuel filler breather! After starting, there is a smell of petrol, but I do not know if that is an interrupted flow getting started, or unburnt petrol due to lack if ignition.
Would it be worth trying to start etc with the fuel cap removed?
Hi MacLeod,

Its a difficult diagnosis remotely but the TDC sensor is a likely candidate. The petrol smell could indeed indicate a lack of ignition. I have also read elsewhere that a certain combination of plugs and HT cables could give some problems. Does the V6 have a distributor cap? or 3-double ended coils? I'd also check that the ecu is getting both 12v and a good earth especially during cranking. Less than 10v or so and the ecu won't 'think'. What's the year and RP number and I'll look up the terminal numbers? Stick the answer in your signature for future reference.


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