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The rear hatch won't lock and unlock with the central locking. So I took off the internal lining and investigated. It turned out to be the little black microswitch on the barrel lock. It wasn't making every time it closed.

I haven't managed to source a spare yet but I'm happy that I've found the problem and it's relatively easy to fix. Just got to find a new microswitch.


noz cool.gif
Hi Noz

Have you checked it is down to the switch as I have had this before were the wires that come throw the tail gate are broken ???

It maybe a good idea if you have a mult meter to try the conections first and make sure it is not down to the wireing but I think you may have aready

Just a thought if you just forgot to try !!!!

let us know would be interesting to know !!!

I took the liner off the back hatch and disconnected the offending microswitch at the connector 6 inches away. I put the meter across the terminals of the connector and didn't get anything at first. Then I played with the little plunger and eventually got it to register some resistance (it was just infinity before). After a few more flicks I got it to read 1-2 ohms. However, I found that if I released the plunger slowly the switch wouldn't make inside.

I'll need to look out for any XM the next time I'm in the scrappy and have the microswitch out of it.

I appreciate the wiring loom between the body and the rear hatch is prone although I've never had a problem myself.

Thanks anyway.


noz cool.gif
Hi Noz,

Funny you should mention your problem, had exactly the same issue last week on my recently acquired M reg 2.5 TD VSX.

Suspected that lock-microswitch-solenoid unit had in time acquired some moisture at some point. You're probably right about the microswitch though, in my case I thought it looked like the black plastic bit was not pushing in the contact on the switch which appeared very stiff when I pressed it in. WD40ed and manually operated the whole mechanism a dozen times. Bingo works OK again.

hope this helps
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