The 2.5TD I bought on ebay recently had a flat battery when I went to pick it up. As a consequence the radio neede the code put back in. No problem I thought just phone the previous owner, get the code and bob's your uncle.

You've guessed it - no code. I asked Citroen but they did their best to discourage me and suggested contacting the many back street 'specialists' who will decode for you. I decided to give the internet a try. I'm a member of a few forums which deal with satellite TV. They also deal in other issues as a sideline. I took the radio out of the car and copied the serial number. I posted it on the site and hey presto the code was posted. I tried it in the radio and it worked first time.

I had tried it before with the details from the wife's Vectra for the same flat battery reason but the Vectra radio's code is not generated from the serial number.

Anyway, I'm pleased as punch to have the radio working again.


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