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Hi All

I bit of advice really... I am breaking (ah la signiture) a gold XM..

My concern is, is it REALLY worth saving the Auto box and 2.0i 8v engine??

Its a cracker of a box, nice and smooth and changes nicely

But is it worth the hassle of removing it? I ask, as I have no hoist, and will have to cut the chassis to get it out

ADVICE please

Hi all

Well come on, 19 people have had a look at this post, surely you'd have an idea what YOU would do if you were breaking the car...

Do I let it go???

Yey // Neigh

Are there that many FEW 2.0i autos about???

Hi Citroen xm

There will be a cost in time and effort in getting it out. Sods law then means that the engine and box will then be in your way for months if not years. I suggest that if you do not get a reasonable offer for it by the time you are ready to dispose of the carcase of the car you let it go to scrap. It will add considerably to the buying in weight.


Hi ctroenxm

I dont want to depress you but I bought a late low milage 2.1 td engine and manual box a few years ago for £450.00 and sold it on ebay last year for about £130.00.

I think I would be inclined to do as suggested, put it on ebay with the bidding starting at the lowest price you are prepared to accept, then you will know whether its worth taking out or not.

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