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Full Version Oil Level Check On Auto Box.

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I know this sounds like a daft question, but can anyone tell me the best way to check the oil level on an auto box? (XM V6). Some say it should be with the engine running and the selector in PARK, but trying it this way the dip stick appears fully coated with oil; no clear mark to read.
Any Ideas??????


I'd say definitely with the engine off. Otherwise you'll get the effect that you're getting ie turbulent and splashing oil all over the dipstick so you can't read it.

I wouln'd have thought the gear selector would make any difference.


Noz cool.gif
ohmy.gif Here goes
Start the engine ,
put it in drive with someone inside to keep the foot on the break for you (DO NOT DO THIS BY YOURSELF )
dip the oil to see were it is if it needs oil then top it up !!!!
This is the right way to do it !!! cool.gif
Its always best to change the oil just the same as you would with the engine as auto box are not that good running on the same oil for millions of miles.
People dont useualy change it then wonder why the box has gone duff.
You would not run the engine for the rest of its life on the same oil so it stands to reason to change it as the box oil (Get a good make of oil and not one of the cheep nasty makes that have been recyeled)
Hope this helps you
Hi - just beamed down here from the Yahoo Group for a mo' -

You check transmission oil with the engine running and the box in PARK,
having cycled through all the gear permutations first. There may be a HOT
or COLD instruction, or dual marks on the dipstick.

As for oil, you can leave it in for many thousands of miles - it doesn't scavenge
crud from the combustion process in the engine, doesn't suffer from hydrocarbon
or condensate dilution, doesn't generally suffer the polymer-shearing action that
an engine causes . . . etc. Don't leave it forever, but don't change it often -

All the advice I've received form the Yahoo group, and from CCC is that the level shou;d be checked in park, having slowly moved through the gears while stationary.

Auto box fluid is best changed each time you change the oil, for a long life - particularly on the XM. Dexron II is the specified fluid, but the newer, higher spec Dexron III is well worth the slight price premium.

Hope this helps wink.gif
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