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Can anyone please tell me where the drain plugs are on a V6 cooling system? I think I've found one (just above the oil filter) but are there others? And do they all need to come out if I'm washing the system through with cold water for half an hour? After an engine swop, all that's in there just now is plain water and Bars flushing compound.

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The manual's no too clear. It shows one at the bottom of the radiator and two on the engine block. The two on the engine block are shown fore and oft of the engine dead in the middle. This is looking on plan view. I cant tell where they are in elevation.

If you open all the drains you can find and attach a garden hose at full pressure I think you're sure to flush out all there is to flush.

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Sorry I can't be more help.


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Hi Noz,

Thanks for your help; I'll open every drain I can find and flush it through with a hose. It would be nice to reverse flush it, especially the heater matrix but enough is enough, I don't want to push my luck. I'm driving down to Gatwick on Wednesday and with all the seals still working (it's incredible how much pressure the system builds up while Bars is doing its stuff) I'd like to keep it that way............. Next project? Get the money together to get the bodywork done properly. There are a couple of small dents; just the normal marks of 10 years of not always careful parking.
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Have a good Weekend,

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