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Hi Everyone,

I think I've found the reason for my non boosting turbo. Whilst grovelling around underneath my lovely new XM (13 years old) doing an oil change (as you do) I looked at the turbo which some of you will know doesn't work. I noticed that the linkage has come adrift from the waste gate actuator (see pic). This means that the wastegate flaps open in the breeze, the exhaust gases bypass the turbo and therefore no boost.

Can anyone help with my two questions

Which way round does it go? Does the arm point to the back of the car (in the direction of exhaust flow) or the other way? I guess if I get this wrong the turbo may over boost and blow the engine up.

How is it normally fastened? Is it a split pin and washers or some cunning fitting?

A photo similar to the one I took showing one that works would be good.

If this is all that is wrong my fears of a huge bill for a second hand or refurbished turbo were unfounded and the fix will probably cost me just a few pence. That and hours of work trying to get the B****y thing off!

Many thanks

Glad you might have found your problem. I think mine is held on with a small 'R' clip - I'll have a check tomorrow for you.
Had another look, the arm only goes on one way as there is an oil pipe in the way with the other option. The linkage is held on with one of those external circlips, you know the ones that go ping and fly off under the car and are impossible to see amongst the dirt and stuff. (I speak from bitter experience here)

Anyhow the turbo is now fixed and my maladies have all gone for now. What a lovely smooth engine the 2.0 turbo is with the auto box, completely unobtrusive but surprisingly quick.

Thanks for the support

Sorry John - sort of forgot I was leaving on holiday the next day!

Glad you got it sorted smile.gif (without the picture I was going to send you)
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