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David Hallworth
the thermostat on my V6 24v has become stuck shut whilst sitting for around 6 years.

I have bought a new one on ebay.

It was advertised as fitting a few of the PSA cars, and the 24v Series 1 XM was one of them.

The new stat has arrived this morning and on the bag it has written on it

"Pug 405 TD"

The Citroen Part No. is 1338.25

I was just wondering if any of you guys have any possible way of telling me if this will fit my car before i take it to pieces. list my stat, but i cant find it in the library for mine to pin point the code, if i search by part number, i can find it no bother, but cant pin point it to a car.

Cheers in advance guys!!

Hi David, good to know you're dealing with the thermostat because I guess it means you managed to bring your ABS sensor Odyssey to a happy close!

Afraid though I've got no good news for that, I checked out the Citroen parts catalogue I got (for Series I and II cars):

thermostat for ZPJ or ZPJ4, 2963 or 2975cc engines is


78 degrees Celsius.

BTW, I couldn't find the code you bought on any other XM, probably it's only for a 405td...

BTW, the 78 deg is suprisingly low, isnt'it, and raised worries that there's a wrong one in my car, as it sets at 87 on the motorway, while it should set nearer to 78...

David, now that u r restoring ur XM I should really hang u a CD copy of these Citroen catalogues I have; the 24v has a few parts that are different from the 12v, and here garages don't even know the 12v... I see u r breaking the other XM, I happen to need a pressure regulator at the mo., and also I have to return u the ECU&keypad. If u could take off the pressure regulator from the XM (there's money for it), I could make it there any day from Tuesday onwards, or, even better, we meet in Glasgow if u happen to come down. I'll hang u over the ECUs and parts-CD.

Let me know.


David Hallworth

I'll see what i can do for a pressure reg!

Ok, let me know.

Re. the temp of the thermostat for the PRV, I now found in another document -official one, it seems to me- that the temp is 87. Total confusion....87 makes more sense, but can u tell me how Citroen got it wrong in their official parts catalogue???

David Hallworth
There are 2 different thermostats, one opens up much lower then the other one. I noticed this when i was trying to source one for mine.

Hope this helps un-confuse you. lol

Good to know! Strange though, I don't remember noticing 2 thermostats listed in the parts catalogue. The only thermostat I know myself is the one near the waterpump, in the engine's Vee pipe. I'll check it tomorrow...wanna go home now....[yawns]

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