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Bravo!! biggrin.gif

Well I am now completely stonkered by this one. I replaced the CAS to NO effect.

I have checked every connection about 10 times around the electrical loom, the ELIT is not reporting errors, so it has me stuffed (to use the aussie vernacular)

Can someone confirm for me that there is only one CAS on the 12V V6? I cannot find where another would be...

To remind you all, there is ZERO spark on cylinders 2 and 6 - even from the dizzy cap.

Sorry to hear of your problems with the V6.
Have had a look to see what info I have. Russek gives a diag of the FENIX 3B connections. As well as the output to the Distributor via the spark plug module and the ignition coil it has six inputs:
Flywheel sensor
Rear knock sensor
Front knock sensor
Throttle spindle potentiometer
Vacuum sensor
Water temperature sensor



See this thread for the next exciting chapter![I]

Well, every now and then we all do something stupid which we sooner or later regret.

During disassembly I/we did something stupid....

In an attempt to lock the engine so that we could undo the crankshaft nut, we stuck a bar into the CAS hole in the bellhousing. Use of the bar and subsequent force through the crankshaft has bent holes on the sender wheel attached to the flywheel.

Yesterday we managed to straighten some of the bending through the inspection hole on the bell housing (just below the temp sensor on No1 cylinder) and this allowed the engine to develop spark on 2 and 6 for the first time in ages. Spark was unreliable at idle and cut out over about 1800rpm - we used an inline timing light to assess sparking function.

So, over the next couple of nights I will again remove the intake manifold and gently use a slide hammer and hook to pull the hole surrounds back into shape. If that does not work it will be a gearbox out and replace the sender wheel.... Everyone cross your fingers please.

Now, the moral of the story is, never use the sender wheel as a brace point. sad.gif

But hey - at least we found the cause of the problem AND all the electrical connectors were cleaned and loom unwrapped and inspected (all found to be fine).
A couple of nights ago I fixed the bend in the sender ring and today the engine was pulled down to access timing chains and retime the engine because at last effort we had left it one tooth retarded - so it drove but like an asthmatic Morris Minor!

The timing was fixed, we put it all together and took it for a run.

WOW! It goes better than ever.

Thanks for your support and advice. biggrin.gif

A very happy again XM driver.

To make things even better, last night we sold my wife's Hyundai Accent (YUCK!) and this now gives us the $$ to buy a very nice 85 CX25ie auto which we found for sale recently. Some $$ will be put into a bit of TLC such as window tints, aircon service and fitting cruise control and we will then have a fleet consisting of 74 D Special, 96 XM V6 and the CX. Lunacy has set in at last blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif
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