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Peter N
This temperature gauge very rarely works on secondhand XMs (thats all of them now). After wasting a considerable ammount of time replacing the sensor (located at the bottom of the N/S door mirror) with a second hand one and it still not working, I wasted even more time changing the display. The fault however was in the sensor. They only last 3 or 4 years so the chances of a secondhand one working are minimal. New ones are not all that expensive and I am told that they are the same as used in the C5. Removing the mirror is quite simple and if you can solder, there is no need to remove the door panel as you can cut the leads, solder to the new sensor leads and sleeve, then you can poke the excess inside the door.

Peter N.
Hello Peter,

My problem isn't the sensor, which going by the display seems to be working ok, but the climate control temperature selector. The display alters ok, but irrespective of what the external temperature display is telling me, I have to put the setting above 25 before it starts blowing hot. Any ideas? The airconditioning pump works ok, at least the clutch engages whan the A/C button is pressed, but I don't get any cold air. I don't know when it was last serviced, but I'm thinking that a fixed price check and re-gas might be in order......


Peter N
Hi Jim

I dont have the luxury of aircon on mine so cant help you a lot. The usual cause of aircon not working is loss of refrigerent gas due to leakage through the compressor bearing seal. Thats why they suggest you run the aircon occaisionally during the winter, to keep the seal in good condition. I think you will have to find a tame refrigeration engineer.

A thought has just struck me re your temperature control problem. Setting the temp control to 25C puts the heater full on, (no thermostatic control) so possibly the heater temperature sensor is faulty, this is located in roof module behind the interior light/sunroof control.

Peter N.
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