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Hey, and what about S1 manual? There was an auction on deutsch ebay....bla, but i don't speak deutsch sad.gif
The S1 manual is taking more time than I thought due to lack of time spent at home. It is coming though. Just give me a few more weeks.


noz cool.gif
Hello Noz

Is the S1 manual available now?
Sorry bestbear,

It hasn't moved forward at all. A combination of being far too busy with other non-citroen things and an inability to persuade the person who owns a copy to send it to me.

I shall pursue it through the winter months.


noz cool.gif
OK LETS ALL CUT TO THE CHASE who the hell would dream of mentioning this to the "authorities" ha ha do me a favour. the plain truth is i will be getting one of these asap.. there is no support at my local citroen dealer the guy there said xm did we do an xm? he was a d**k
and he was only interested in me before he realised i wasn't going to buy one of his overpriced showroom models. ohmy.gif
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