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Peter N
The dot matrix on my '96 2.1TD estate has displayed random information in German since I had the car. No ammount of fuse swapping makes any difference
The display is also very dim and when it comes on the low water light also lights dimly. Logically the fault would seem to be due to a bad earth, but where? If you select "sport" mode the language changes to French, honest! Any ideas?

Peter N
Hello Peter,

Just a thought; if your `low water' warning comes on as the dot matrix display lights up, you could have a faulty water level sensor (assuming the water level is ok). I think that dot matrix display should spell out in words what the warning light is telling you. Is it possible that the wire from the water level sensor is shorting to live rather than earth? Maybe not a full short; just enough current leaking across to dimly light the warning symbol and give weird errors on the dot matrix. Maybe the short is from the `Sport' switch or wiring associated with it. Sorry I can't be more helpful~~~~~~~~~# Good Luck, Jim.
Peter N
Hi Jim

Thanks for the suggestion but the low water light is working OK, it comes on at full brightness when the level is low but only very dimly when matrix lights up.

Peter N
Scrub round the original fault as I dont have the car any longer. The one I have replaced it with (same year '96, same month, January, almost the same registration No. Different engine (mechanical fuel pump) different dot matrix display, displays radio channel etc but chunks missing so replaced with one from "P" reg 2.1, this one is operating at full brightness but is displaying some information in Spanish! According to the book this is not an option! although it says "suspension normal" in English. Before you ask I dont drink much.

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