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Full Version Fuel Guage Sender Not Working

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My 2.1td has been laid up since feb / march time and has developed another silly fault.

The fuel guage will no longer show a reading, the needle moves about a mm and then stays there - yes before you ask it has got fuel about half a tank.

before I start pulling the pump and sender out of the tank, is it a case of new sender or does the old one just need a clean up.

Anuone else had this before?


Peter N
Hi Mark

I have had no experience with an XM fuel gauge as none of mine have ever given a problem but the usual way to check whether it's the sensor or not is to short the two connections together on the tank, if the sensor is faulty you will get a "full" reading on the gauge if not you have a wiring or gauge problem. On cars with steel fuel tanks I have known the tank go open circuit to earth due to corrosion, as I believe tha XM one is plastic, check the earth connection.

Peter N.
What a stunningly obvious test!

Thank you! I cant believe I didnt think of that.

Thinking backwards, If the sender seems ok, then I could join the wires at the sender end and the same at the guage end to see if I have a closed complete circuit. If this is Ok then it must be the guage.

Thank you again


Yes, confirm plastic tank, have removed one before
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