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Full Version Turbo Intermediately Not Boosting, Why?

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Hi Guys, another one for you!

After fitting another turbo to replace my knackered one a few weeks ago, everything worked well till last week, a couple of times the turbo hasnt been spooling up, and ive been left a bit short on power. Then after a while ill try it again and it'll boost fine giving loads of power... I would imagine that if the turbo was knackered (please let it not be the turbo!) it would happen all the time and probably make a nasty noise?

Anyone any ideas as its starting to get worrying...

Also, my temp gauge seems to settle at around the 90-100 deg mark, and gets there quick from cold, is this normal, also the fans seem to run almost continuously, I think it seems a bit hot...


fans on the 2ltr turbo cut in at around that temp could be a sticking waste gate
QUOTE (Craigdp @ Jul 19 2006, 11:45 AM)
could be a sticking waste gate

come to think of it it was a bit stiff when I put it on, i had the lube it to get it moving..... must be seizing up again...

Cheers Craig!

hey no worries lol only made me think of it because I had an MR2 do the reverse lol it was quick and then it went super nova lol love it when that happens gives the excuse to buy another one and make that go even faster lol
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