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Having seen many very nice petrol XMs advertised in Autotrader I am seriously considering buying one and converting it to LPG power. I have a few queries which someone must be able to help me with.

Is it possible to do it myself? Commercial conversion would cost something like £1600+(too much) I have seen DIY kits for sale at

What level of sophistication is required? There are sequential kits available with one injector per cylinder but these are really expensive, I have also seen a V6 converted with what I call a 'Single point' injection system with a gas injector sat just behind the throttle body.

Would it be possible to convert say a 2.0 16v using a simple kit and would it work reasonably well. I won't consider turbo cars as that is just too scary.

Tank size: One reason for buying a XM is that it is a big car (or estate) with a big boot, I wouldn't want to lose that so I guess a toroidal tank woud be needed in the spare wheel well and carry the spare in the boot. For carrying large items or holidays I would then gamble, leave the spare at home and rely on the RAC for puncture backup. Do the RAC mind this or could I get into trouble?

I am willing to pioneer fitting of LPG to petrol XMs as I feel that this may save many otherwise unregarded cars from the scrapper.

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences.

John unsure.gif
David Hallworth
Paul AKA CitroenXM is the man to ask, he DIY fitted an LPG kit to his V6.

Hi bigjohnh

I am on my second V6 12 valve XM now.

My first was an H reg, auto in white with LPG. It gave me an equivilent 45mpg and was "good"

How ever, a 1994 Exclusive came along and the offer of a spare V6 with Gas already on it for breaking, so I purchased that, (The front bank of head had blown so was a non runner). Anyway, I removed the LPG kit, and it had a "Single Point" system on it, which is much simpler to instal..

I was then offered a 1992 SEi S1.5 V6 12 valve with 103k on the clock. So I fitted the LPG kit myself. The only thing I couldn't do was the electrics under the bonnet, for switching the Injectors off etc.

So I fitted the Tank in the boot. Drilled four holes for the mouting straps, a 5th large hole for the filler, and the mouting hole in the bumper, and a sixth for the supply pipe to the front. Mounted the Evaprator under the bonnet, between the Hydraulic pump and LHM tank, a tight squeeze, ran the electrics inside the car, to the swich over/level display switch on the dash, through to the LPG solinoid.

Plumed the water supply in, best done with "T" pieces and tapping it from the Heater pipes from the bulk head. Fitted the Mixer directly onto the Inlet manifold between the manifold and air cleaner pipe, and got the Local LPG installer to do the electrics.

If you wish for some photos of the installation, PM me your Email address and I'll get some across to you. HOWEVER

If you wish to wait till November time, my VERY own V6 SEi will be up for grabs for when I have my V6 24v Series one on LPG I shall not need two of them!

Best regards
QUOTE (citroenxm @ Jul 8 2006, 20:25 PM)

If you wish to wait till November time, my VERY own V6 SEi will be up for grabs for when I have my V6 24v Series one on LPG I shall not need two of them!

It would be wery interesing to get a report on that conversion while I have one 24V too that I'm considering converting.
Hy ds23

I think David Hallworth and myself are trying to put together a Series 1 90deg V6 24 valve register together. We think we have 5 located so far, I m also keen to locate the car that Autocar used to test in 1991, and also What Car.

Its not yours is it??

I'm in Sweden so mines are RHD. But you are perhaps interested in the ones I got?
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