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Rain has been dripping through the sunroof control buttons.

The sunroof is now beginning to open by itself - assume because of the water?

Is there any way to limit the leak?

The most common cause of rain through the buttons is actually the aerial mount. Access is through the same hatch as the interior lights. Undo the retaining nut and remove the aerial. Clean up the area generally, paint with some anti-rust compound (it's sure to be at least a bit rusty, hence the leak) and replace the aerial mount with some silicon sealant. Job Done,


Noz cool.gif
Hello there new to XM's and I love it.
Be carefull with that dripping sunroof rossbell I had some water dripping through
my sunroof a few weeks back .I thought nothing of it as I had heard this of xms before.
Water drips in then maybe half an hour later I open the sunroof to tilt,later when I came to close it,it just made a clicking noise?A short while later whilst waiting for my wife in yet another store car park,I got the screw driver out and removed the roof console.The sunroof motor was red hot so I disconnected the waterlogged switches(can't think why the fuse didn't blow).
when we got home I dried the switches and to my releif the sunroof worked as it should.Until I read Noz's bit Cheers Noz,I gave up hope of finding the leak.
With no hope in mind I taped around the wires coming down vertically into the sunroof switches so that any water in future will run down the outside of the switches and my sunroof motor will suffer no more.
I will check my ariel mount out at the next available oppertunity.
Cheers again Noz,
1992 2.1 turbo diesel hatch,lovley
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